Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Haha just thought about saying something of that sort, but on a more technical note, the iBoot Crash Chronic uses for iPod Touch 3G is very similar to something that happened to me a few months ago. I remember my ipt2g was stuck in recovery mode and iBoot would not respond after messing up on an attempt to write a new FS. I actually tryed numerous time to restore it, in recovery and DFU, which would only go into the WTF_2.0 white screen and then crash into recovery and have an interesting restore log. I even took it to apple and the manager and whole genious bar were stumped. Little did I know, this very same crash could be invoked and uninvoked for a Jailbreak Exploit. If only I were able to reverse engineer something like that. Good job chronic! You reversed what I could not and you even have a payload made. I respect you very much =] thank you for making this work! I am proud to have found this but even more so that you exploited it!

Greenpois0n pr0ps!

Scratch my last post!

Props to Chronic Dev for finding the iBoot crash that allows a custom payload on iPod Touch 3G! Good job!

Also chronic if you read this, I would love to help make a windows version with your guidance. Of course I am just a low level guy, but I'm willing to learn more! If your interested in doing a duel release, I'll surely help make a windows version, just tell me the language(s), and give me the sauce (source) code and I'll help. I work with C++ and hexadecimal mostly and I know your just a C guy but I know I can make it run.